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Minister Suharso: Palm Oil Follow Sustainable Business Principles, Jakarta –The Minister of National Development Planning was the speaker at the IRAI event which was held virtually on Thursday, April 1, 2021. The event carried the theme “Planning Needs for Proving the Role of Oil in the SDGs”.

In his presentation, the Minister emphasized that in the future oil palm must follow a new paradigm, namely sustainable business. Sustainable business is a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects.

The goal of sustainable business (sustainable business) is Creating Shared Value to increase company productivity. Companies can contribute to achieving the TPB / SDGs in 2 ways. First, carry out a business transformation towards a sustainable business, second, submit a Sustainability Report.

Furthermore, the Minister explained about the role of the palm oil sector in the SDGs. In the economic aspect, palm oil is the largest source of foreign exchange for exports in the non-oil and gas sector. In addition, an increase in palm oil production encourages a significant increase in the GRDP of palm oil center districts, and has an impact on the economic development of the region concerned.

In the social aspect, oil palm contributes to rural development through improving the quality of life and reducing poverty, increasing the availability of rural infrastructure such as education and health facilities as well as increasing access to water sources and environmental sanitation, becoming a new economic growth center based in rural areas and providing opportunities for participation. for a career in the palm oil sector at the same time by recognizing the basic rights of women.

In the environmental aspect, the ecological role of oil palm plantations includes the preservation of carbon dioxide and oxygen cycles, restoration of degraded land conservation of soil and water, increasing biomass and carbon stock of land, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or restoring peatlands, increasing land biomass (organic matter). , and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Thursday, April, 1st 2021
*Public Communications Team*
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas


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