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Minister Suharso Monoarfa : Manage Community Talent Through MTN, Jakarta – In a press conference that was held live on the youtube channel of the Presidential Secretariat, on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the Minister for National Development Planning conveyed several things related to National Talent Management.

“MTN is one that the President wants to present according to his promise during the campaign period and we are currently compiling a Grand Design to ensure MTN can be formed and the fields that we have defined become the scope of MTN,” said the Minister.

The Minister explained that National Talent Management or abbreviated as MTN has 3 scopes. First, in the field of arts and culture, the aim is to explore artistic and cultural talents: fine arts and crafts, performing arts and theater, music, film, language and literature, fashion, culinary. This field has a target for the recognition of works at the international level, the creation of an arts and culture industry ecosystem.

Second, the sports field which aims to form a “New Zohri” in various sports such as badminton, weightlifting, rock climbing, archery, athletics, rowing, cycling, swimming, gymnastics and taekwondo. The target is the gold achievement for the 2020 Olympics until 2044.

Third, the field of research and innovation which aims to cultivate talents who make a real contribution to knowledge and innovation. The target is to increase the ratio of science and technology human resources per 1 million population, the number of technopreneurs, winners of competitions (science Olympiad), winning international awards (Nobel Prize, Lasker Awards, Wolf Prize, Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences).

Next, the Minister spoke about the flow of talent development in the 3 fields. First, the flow of talent development in the field of research and innovation starts from the selection and scouting stages in formal education units, then the stage for talent nurseries, developing potential talents, and strengthening real talents.

The flow of talent development in the field of arts and culture begins with the stages of selection and scouting at educational institutions, communities, arts and cultural associations, talent nurseries, potential talent development, and strengthening international class talents.

The flow of talent development in sports starts from the selection and scouting stages in formal and non-formal education units, talent identification, talent development, and coaching for high performance.

The Minister explained that through MTN he wanted to manage the talents of the Indonesian people. “Actually, the National Talent Management wants to manage an extraordinary thing that is owned by our citizens in order to arouse our national pride,” said the Minister.

The minister also mentioned Indonesia’s medal achievements during the Olympics. In badminton, Indonesia has collected 7 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. In the weightlifting sport, Indonesia has collected 7 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. In archery, Indonesia has won a silver medal.

Since the first time participating in the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952, Indonesia has won a gold medal in badminton. The badminton achievements at the Olympics are mainly due to the success of athlete development which is fully guarded by a private company (PT Djarum).


Tuesday, March, 30th 2021
*Public Communications Team*
Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas


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