Head of Bappenas Gives 6 Recommendations in North Sulawesi Provincial Musrenbang, Jakarta – The Minister for National Development Planning said that Bappenas had identified a balance between the focus of 2022 RKP development and the strategic issues of North Sulawesi Province.

This was said when giving a speech at the opening of Musrenbang RKPD, which was conducted virtually on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

“For example, the issue of decreasing regional economic performance in several service sectors, regional inflation, and the inability to manage the KEK Bitung due to land problems,” said the Minister.

The Minister considered, this issue is very relevant to the focus of development in the industrial, tourism and MSME sectors, where in North Sulawesi Province itself, there are many types of superior commodities that can be optimized through downstreaming in order to increase their added value.

In addition, the issue of the lack of supporting facilities for fishing activities, including electricity infrastructure, which results in constraints on the fulfillment of fisheries sector production, is considered quite relevant to the focus of development in the fields of industry, infrastructure, food security, and MSMEs.

Another strategic issue is disaster risk in North Sulawesi, which overall will have an impact on North Sulawesi’s economic recovery in 2022.

The minister said that the synergy of various parties is expected to be able to answer various strategic issues facing North Sulawesi Province.

“For this reason, Bappenas recommends several formulations of regional priorities based on strategic issues that have been mutually agreed upon in the previous forum,” explained the Minister.

The first recommendation is that North Sulawesi Province must accelerate the downstream development of the processing and natural resources industry through the utilization and integration of infrastructure development.

Second, North Sulawesi Province must prioritize the fulfillment of basic infrastructure, economy, and regional connectivity for equitable development and distribution of fishery products.

Third, North Sulawesi Province is need to empower local communities to be able to participate in developing economic sectors.

Fourth, North Sulawesi Province is need to develop human resources that are focused on improving the quality, quantity and access to health and education.

Fifth, North Sulawesi Province must train local workers in accordance with labor market opportunities in economic sectors, and lastly.

Sixth, North Sulawesi Province must strengthen climate change mitigation and disaster risk reduction efforts in accordance with regional disaster typologies.


Pewarta : Yahman Efendi

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